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A joint initiative between Stadtwerke Wolfsburg AG and Wobcom, the European Digital Innovation Hub aims to turn the region into a preferred investment iHub for technology companies, while also reaffirming North Germany as a premier ICT location. In close collaboration with relevant technology partners, the initiative seeks to secure a set of key enablers to nurture an attractive Open Source ecosystem for targeted investments, for instance, talent, infrastructure, R&D institutions and platforms, incentives and funding, networks, broadband access and liveability;

The Region

Wolfsburg is a young city fuelled by the Volkswagen Headquarters. The location of Volkswagen brings in many people from various countries and cultures making Wolfsburg a very multicultural city. VW also provides a lot of entertainment for visitors and residents of Wolfsburg in the famous Autostadt as well as sponsoring many sporting events such as the football and ice hockey. However, there is a lot more to Wolfsburg than just Volkswagen! 

It may not be a large city however it is a young, dynamic city with countless things to experience. Student accommodation is right in the middle of the action, close to Ostfalia University, cafes, pubs and shops as well as transport including buses and trains. 

University, Industry, Shops, restaurants and other facilities and services in Wolfsburg are easily accessible – a few minutes on foot.
Central Station (5 Min)

Braunschweig Car: 30 minutes Train: 20 minutes
Hannover Car: 50 minutes Train: 30 minutes
Berlin Train: 65 minutes

ASTRID is a European Digital Innovation Hub

Since February 2022  we are officially certified European Digital Innovation Hub.

The Digital Europe program aims to improve the EU’s international competitiveness through significant investments in the development of the Union’s strategic capabilities, supporting the development of key areas such as artificial intelligence, high-performance computing (HPC), cyber security, advanced digital skills, digitalization of public administration and interoperability.

The role of European Digital Innovation Hubs (eDIH) is to ensure that innovative digital solutions, based on new technologies, are integrated into the day-to-day business of companies and public administrations. Thus, digital innovation centers offer the possibility to experiment and test these technologies, in order to implement them according to the specific needs of the field of activity of each company or public institution.

European Digital Innovation Hubs (eDIH) provide access to technical expertise and experimentation so that those interested can “test before investing”. It also provides innovation services, funding consulting, training and skills development for a successful digital transformation.

ASTRID iHUB is a part of FIWARE iHUB


The FIWARE iHubs network plays a fundamental role in the global FIWARE Community, helping local digital businesses to be more competitive in the current digital economy









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