Dell Technologies the new partner of ASTRID

Stadtwerke Wolfsburg AG and WOBCOM GmbH intensify cooperation with Dell Technologies for platform-based smart city solutions 


In order to accompany municipalities on their way into a digital future, the partners signed a joint declaration (Memorandum of Understanding) on January 26, 2022. Under the umbrella of the international platform #ASTRID Innovation Hub, the companies will pool their expertise to advance the joint development of secure and cost-effective infrastructure solutions for smart cities. The basis of these new digital services and applications is the Open Digital Data Platform (#ODP), with whose development WOBCOM GmbH has already established the digital foundation for the implementation of specific use cases in Stadt Wolfsburg.


(from left to right) Anatoli Seliwanow | Dr. Frank Kästner | Giovanni Coppa | Stefan Tettenborn | Dalibor Dreznjak | Juergen Pruss
(from left to right) Anatoli Seliwanow | Dr. Frank Kästner | Giovanni Coppa | Stefan Tettenborn | Dalibor Dreznjak | Juergen Pruss

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