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New mobility concepts, intelligent solutions for waste, parking space management, automated air quality measurements and much more, are all part of a future smart city, the development of which we as the Stadtwerke Group want to help drive forward. In the future, the ASTRID iHUB will be a place of participation for companies and citizens alike – far beyond the borders of Wolfsburg. Through the cooperation with the FIWARE Foundation, we want to benefit from the international open source network and bring global innovations to Wolfsburg as well as create structures in other regions in the world with our ideas.

Dr. Kästner, Member of the Board of Stadtwerke Wolfsburg AG and Managing Director of WOBCOM GmbH


Lower Saxony is one of the most active GAIA-X regions in Germany. First and foremost, this shows that we have a high level of digital affinity and that we are willing to actively work on the digital sovereignty of our country and Europe. This commitment deserves broad and best possible political support.
Stefan Muhle, State Secretary at the Lower Saxony Ministry of Economics, Labor, Transport and Digitalization:Stefan Muhle, State Secretary at the Lower Saxony Ministry of Economics, Labor, Transport and Digitalization


With the ASTRID Innovation Hub, we have created a platform that enables us to push smart city applications on an open-source basis and thus generate real added value for Wolfsburg as a business location. Together with FIWARE Foundation e.V., Stadtwerke and WOBCOM are able to make a significant contribution to the smart development of our city. On the one hand, citizens benefit from this, and on the other, it strengthens Wolfsburg as a center of attraction for technology companies.

Dennis Weilmann, Lord Mayor City of Wolfsburg: 


FIWARE is the leading open source technology for the digitization of cities and municipalities worldwide by now. More than 200 cities in over 30 countries are implementing their Smart City using FIWARE technology. The FIWARE iHubs (Innovation Hubs) play in the further market adoption of the technology. We are very pleased to welcome ASTRID in Wolfsburg as the 25th iHub in our global network of iHubs.

Ulrich Ahle, CEO Fiware Foundation:


NVIDIA is delighted to work with WOBCOM GmbH and Stadtwerke Wolfsburg AG to support ASTRID iHub. These public private partnerships are critical to advancing Germany’s digital transformation, and we are energized to help build the human and compute infrastructure that unlocks new frontiers in Urban AI Innovation for the City of Wolfsburg.

Keith Strier, Vice President, Worldwide AI Initiatives, NVIDIA

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