Next milestone: ASTRID iHUB becomes a member of the European cloud project GAIA-X

Stadtwerke Wolfsburg AG and WOBCOM GmbH together with their network contribute their expertise in the areas of Smart City, Public Sector and Mobility Systems

Developing a sovereign digital cloud infrastructure to operate new business models and innovative solutions with added value for companies and citizens in the future is the goal of the European cloud project GAIA-X. As of now, the ASTRID Innovation Hub (iHub) supports AISBL as a member of the international non-profit GAIA-X to ensure the digital sovereignty of Europe

It is a great pleasure for us to welcome a new member in our big family. ASTRID iHUB is an important innovation center especially for urban mobility. We are confident that ASTRID iHUB will be able to effectively shape and support the work we will do in the future”

Francesco Bonfiglio CEO GAIA-X AISBL

Gaia-X brings together people from different companies, research institutions, associations, administrations and politics to advance common goals. Innovative solutions and services are developed with the partners to help shape the future of digital infrastructure in Europe. This will be done via data rooms that are available to the participating partners. The new European data infrastructure is based on openness, transparency and trust. GAIA-X takes into account not only special IT security requirements, but also European data protection directives. The ASTRID iHUB will contribute the long-standing expertise of its partners to the design of the International Data Spaces. Based on the unique network infrastructures in Wolfsburg, concrete application scenarios for the areas of smart city, public administration and mobility systems will be co-developed. Gaia-X member companies are to collect and share data so that they retain control. To ensure data sovereignty, each company can determine for itself what happens to its own data and where it is stored. The structure of Gaia-X is based on the principle of decentralization, with numerous individual platforms acting together and following a common standard.

In times of uncertain supply chains and global competition, common standards and alliances are needed to remain successful in the long term. I am pleased that by becoming a GAIA-X member we can support our European partners in building digital structures with our high-performance infrastructure,

emphasizes Stadtwerke board member Dr. Frank Kästner

In northern Germany and especially in Wolfsburg, the best conditions have been created in recent years with the early establishment of a digital infrastructure to find answers to the upcoming challenges of the digital age. We will actively contribute our industry-specific solution expertise from the numerous solutions already implemented for customers and funded projects,

Giovanni Coppa Team Leader, Head of Data Center and Innovation and Coordinator of the iHUB

The ASTRID iHUB will engage with the various data spaces and working groups at Gaia-X and help shape an innovative data ecosystem – for a data-sovereign Europe.

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