ASTRID iHUB and WOBCOM gather key players to the AI workshop in Wolfsburg

Representatives from the city and region of Lower Saxony develop project ideas.

The ASTRID Innovation Hub, together with WOBCOM GmbH, NVIDIA and the eco – Association of the Internet Economy organized a practical workshop “AI – for Smart Cities”. Numerous stakeholders met last week at Wolfsburg’s Nordkopf Tower (WNT) to discuss concrete and and application-related digital applications enriched with artificial intelligence.
applications to talk about. The focus of the event was clearly on the smart city services of tomorrow – identifying these and subsequently driving them forward with project partners to drive them forward – is the declared goal.

Prof. PRANGE Michael FH Kiel

The importance of artificial intelligence for cities and municipalities is impressively illustrated by the list of participants at the event.
event makes it impressively clear. Numerous cities, such as the cities of Herne and Gelsenkirchen sent representatives to Wolfsburg. The Lower Saxony Lower Saxony’s Ministry of Economics, the Lower Saxony County Council as well as regional guests sat at the workshop table, as well as project managers from the city of Wolfsburg and Volkswagen AG, representatives and many other interested stakeholders.

The year 2023 promises to be the year of artificial intelligence. It has already begun with the hype around Chat GPT – with a few lines of input, writing entire articles or essays in a few seconds is now easily possible for everyone.
In the workshop, the participants worked with like-minded people and colleagues to develop feasible and AI Smart City use cases – one idea, for example, was the AI-based chatbot for consulting.
With the numerous, often identical requests for customer advice, a chatbot with AI is the perfect solution. perfect solution. In this way, inquiries can be answered around the clock in dialog in a human way.

KI Workshop with Björn Hoffmann Project coordinator of WOBCOM

in a human way. Modern communication with chatbots has recently developed rapidly with important components of speech recognition and live transmission. Wherever questioners with different needs, levels of knowledge, and different languages, the ChatBot can be a solution option, workshop participants noted.
A second approach developed – the relief of inner-city traffic through AI-supported traffic and parking planning. The following multipliers of an AI make mobility more convenient, more efficient and resource-saving: optimizing the control of traffic, facilities and vehicles, improving the accuracy of traffic forecasts and weather forecasts, increased efficiency in logistics processes, and anticipating incidents.

“Today, we have rethought mobility and digitization projects. We are proud to be able to offer participants an AI workshop in Wolfsburg for the first time. I am very pleased that our offer has met with such great interest and that we have developed important impulses for an AI-supported chat bot of the administration and solution approaches for traffic and parking space planning.”

Giovanni Coppa Coordinator ASTRID iHUB

Those present were unanimous in not wanting to miss out on the development of artificial intelligence,
For years, one has seen the trend toward ever larger AI models. The first steps often come from China and the USA, but Germany also wants to keep pace. Often there was a lack of sufficient computing capacity, this is where the ASTRID iHUB and WOBCOM are needed – to make this capacity to provide

„Der KI-Workshop war ein voller Erfolg. Es ist faszinierend zu sehen, wie KI bereits heute in so vielen Bereichen unseres täglichen Lebens eingesetzt wird und wie sie auch in Zukunft noch wichtiger werden wird. Wir freuen uns darauf, die erzielten Ergebnisse in die Praxis umzusetzen und so einen Beitrag zur Digitalisierung und zur Stärkung der Wirtschaft in Wolfsburg zu leisten.“

Vorstand der Wolfsburger Entwässerungsbetriebe Dr. Gerhard Meier.

If we don’t want future AI offerings to come only from abroad, projects must be must be initiated now and our understanding of data protection must be brought to bear. Our goal is to to establish independent and competitive AI ecosystems in our cities. According to our ideas, science, municipalities and startups must work together to implement and realize and establish

Anatoli Seliwanow, WOBCOM CIO

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