FutureCongress.digital 2023 Opportunities and challenges of artificial intelligence for smart mobility

The FutureCongress.digital 2023 offered ideas, concepts and concrete measures for numerous digitization solutions.

FutureCongress.Digital 2023

What opportunities does artificial intelligence present for the smart mobility of tomorrow – and what solutions are already available today?
With the 3rd FutureCongress.digital on October 11, 2023 at phaeno Wolfsburg, Stadtwerke Wolfsburg AG, its subsidiary WOBCOM GmbH and the ASTRID Innovation Hub (iHub), together with their partner eco – Association for the Internet Economy and the sponsors Dell Technologies and Nvidia, once again offered a central event around digital transformation of cities, municipalities, communities and industries and illuminated the ubiquitous topic of artificial intelligence from different perspectives.
With the guiding theme of “Innovating with AI and Smart Mobility,” the congress addressed the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) with its opportunities and challenges for a wide range of stakeholders. Excellent trailblazers, visionaries and guests from the fields of mobility, smart city and business provided numerous insights and impulses in this regard. The congress was dedicated to various focal points, including the creation of environmentally friendly and livable cities with the help of AI, the importance of digital infrastructures for AI applications and mobility solutions, and the promotion of connected mobility.

The accompanying exhibit exhibition under the theme: “Welcome to the Age of Digitalization” also offered smart and exciting digitalization solutions to touch – to make cities more digital, mobility smarter, industry more connected and applications safer. REBOTNIX, Dell Technologies, Open Vanity Free Server and Mimetics were among the exhibitors. The focus of the congress is the development and improvement of practical and workable digital processes, products and services that offer added value and from which concrete business models can be derived. With ASTRID, products and processes can be “rethought” and collaborated with partners to proactively address solutions to potential challenges.

“We are already implementing many projects here in Wolfsburg with ASTRID, which form the basis for numerous national and European activities and innovations. We are the link between academic theory and practical implementation and have the infrastructure to realize projects in the right timeframe.”

Giovanni Coppa, Coordinator ASTRID iHUB.

With more than 30 renowned national and international speakers and participants in the discussion panels, the congress is a key event for everyone interested in and actively involved in digital transformation. As Anatoli Seliwanow, Head of Operations at WOBCOM, says: “Together with the city of Wolfsburg, we are actively working to create a smart city. New technologies play an important role in this, which is why impulses and discussions on this are important in order to drive innovations and create an environmentally friendly, smart and livable city.” This is also confirmed by Dennis Weilmann, Lord Mayor of the City of Wolfsburg: “Wolfsburg started digitization early on and we are pleased to have the two reliable partners Stadtwerke Wolfsburg AG and WOBCOM at our side, who accompany the process and also actively drive it forward again and again, such as with our participation in today’s FutureCongress.digital.

Dr. Frank Kästner, Member of the Board of Stadtwerke Wolfsburg AG, emphasizes the importance of exchange: “The FutureCongress enables dialog on currently relevant key topics that play and will play an important role in the digital transformation across all industries.”

Dr. Frank Kästner – CEO Stadtwerke Wolfsburg AG

Foto: Philipp Ziebart, https://ph-ziebart.de/

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