FutureCongress.digital 2023 Innovating with AI and Smart Mobility

Dear Sir or Madam,

The future is digital, connected, automated and electrified – but the road ahead is complex. Digitization and networking run through almost all areas of everyday life in the form of Smart City, Smart Home, Smart Mobility and Smart Production. How do we manage to use the potential of a digitized and networked world in a meaningful and sustainable way with the help of artificial intelligence (AI)? What solutions are available for climate-friendly mobility, cities and industry in particular, and what are industry and research focusing on for the future? Which projects and approaches have already been able to establish themselves and where do stakeholders still face challenges? What should policymakers do to pave the way toward smart, sustainable mobility for cities and rural areas?

We warmly welcome you to the third FutureCongress.digital.

This year, excellent trailblazers, visionaries and guests from the fields of mobility, smart city and business will once again provide insights into national and international developments in the focus topic of AI and smart mobility with numerous contributions. The congress will be accompanied by an exhibit exhibition of actions, ideas and projects from regional and international partners to showcase the numerous benefits of digitization solutions. For example, participants will have the opportunity to visit the state-of-the-art data center of the resident WOBCOM and Stadtwerke Wolfsburg AG – an Internet hub for the region and central hub for many activities in northern Germany. You will also have numerous networking and discussion opportunities.

The FutureCongress.digital is an event organized by Stadtwerke Wolfsburg AG and WOBCOM GmbH, together with the AstridiHub, in partnership with many other supporting parties.

More information about the congress and registration will be made available shortly.

We would like to ask you now to make a note of this date and look forward to your visit in Wolfsburg!

Many greetings

The organization team
FutureCongress.digital 2023

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